Use Case

Fiscal ID validation and Registered Name


  • Client with corporate credit process for new clients
  • For the KYC, Scoring and Risk process analysis, information on the client company is needed to satisfy internal compliance requirements


  •  Problem with extraction of full client names, the ID card photo sometimes has light sources, tilt/rotation/etc. so that the name extracted is not correct
  • Physical credit cards are sometimes being printed with the wrong names, and the client name appears wrong in the online app
  • Clients are raising issues with company regarding incorrect information (namely their own names, with which clients are more emotionally engaged) generating bad marketing for the company brand

BizAPIs Data Suite Platform – NIF/Name service:

With the BizAPIs service, the company is able to:

  • Validate if the fiscal ID number given by the user is a valid ID in Portugal
  • Get the full registered name of the client with 100% accuracy


  • Drop to 0 (zero) the number of incidents around wrong client data
  • Increased client satisfaction and avoidance of brand issues