Use Case

Corporate Scoring & Risk – IES service


  • Client with corporate credit process for new clients
  • For the KYC, Scoring and Risk process analysis, information on the client company is needed to satisfy internal compliance requirements


  • Asking too much information on the user results in more drop-offs / insatisfaction with the procedure
  • Objective is to automatically obtain, with the reduced package of user information, enough confirmation to satisfy the internal processes so as it results a positive feedback and a scoring for the credit process (a go-noGo)
  • The needed corporate information is available in the IES (Informação Empresarial Simplificada) document, but such information is available only in PDF document, after a paywall online.

BizAPIs Data Suite Platform – IES service:

With the IES BizAPIs service, client is able to:

  • The BizAPIs IES Service can also return any of the fields in the document in a structured API field, to guarantee direct ingestion into the client’s applications


  • Satisfaction of new clients and reduction of drop-offs
  • Increase of new corporate clients