bizAPIs FAQs

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for bizAPIs Data Suite Platform!

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to our bizAPIs customer support team for further assistance.


Can bizAPIs extract information even from portals that need client authentication (like a user/password)?

Yes. Some bizAPIs services may need as input the user/password to be able to interact with the data origin portal, but user/pwd information is never stored or persisted in any form by bizAPIs.

Can bizAPIs process information and access portals that require a captcha?

Yes. bizAPIs uses our and 3rd-party technology to overcome these restrictions. We also have protocols in place with official data sources.

Can bizAPIs extract a proof of the information source and trustworthiness of the information?

Yes. bizAPIs services can, besides the structured data fields, also return prints (PDF for example) of the webpages of the source portals.

How is the authentication made on bizAPIs? How do you identify our account?

A license ID is given to clients, and all service calls to our API must have that authentication header.

Can bizAPIs services already pre-process information in portals following our own business rules?

Yes, we can configure any bizAPIs service to process information, aggregate it, or create new information based on your own business rules.

Is there any cache in bizAPIs services? If yes, are all services calls to bizAPIs paid calls, or if the information is in cache it's free?

Depending on the service and information, our bizAPIs may use an internal cache for performance reasons. The information being in a temporary cache or not doesn’t affect the service billing.

Is it possible to try the API prior to acquiring a license, to validate the results? Or doing a free PoC (proof-of-concept)?

Please get in touch and expose your use-case, we’d be happy to get you the best deal possible.

Can you get personal information, even with GDPR and other privacy regulations?

Yes but only with the consent of the person who owns the information. That person must provide for example the user/password to the portal where we’ll be extracting the information.

What information do I need to provide as an input to the API to get the results?

This depends on the service you are using. Usually bizAPIs services require you to input the information you already have internally in your system and use in your manual processes. For some services, our API may not need much more than some identification of a company or person to return information, since we either have protocols with the official information sources or use our own accesses to reach the information you require.

Can I do batch processing? Or execute high-volume parallel / multithreaded requests concurrently?

If you need to get data in batches or with a high concurrent volume of service calls please get in touch – we offer in our Enterprise level plans performance guaranteed capacity for your needs.