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Transforming portals into APIs

European Commission
Banco de Portugal
Segurança Social
Data Collection
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Use key integrations to pull in data from various systems and internal databases.

Get data from the IRS or Social Security Administration, or extract information from documents such as invoices, proof of residence, or IDs.

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Use best-in-class programming interface apps to connect your business processes to each other.

Bring together information from different sources (IRS, Social Security, AMA “Agência para a Modernização Administrativa") or process unstructured information from documents.

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Let information flow with ease.

Connect databases and systems so that they can communicate with each other automatically.

You only have to code once to get all the information you need to perform cross-checks, data enrichment, or integrate data into systems like ERPs, KYC, or risk scoring automatically through robotization.

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Built for rapid growth and enterprise-scale

Say goodbye to hundreds of hours spent. No more:

  • developer hours building and maintaining integrations
  • data entry tasks
  • manual process between an invoice received and a record in the ERP, an ID and an “approved status" or an IRS and a scoring

Offer a better experience – automate these connections.

Scaling businesses is only possible when processes between software components are quick and efficient

Why is BizApis the right option for my business?

BizApis can provide your company with fast results and a wide range of options to choose from.

Furthermore, we are always looking for a challenge: tell us your process, and we will build you a new API with functionalities specific for your business needs.

We take care of the integrations that really matter for business results.

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