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Process Automation APIs

Do you spend time on manual processes that, are rife with errors and increase costs?

With BizAPIs, receive the information you can trust, structured and actionable, directly into your systems automatically!

Integration Partners

  • Accelerate your projects

  • Exceed your customers' expectations

  • Access a new source of recurring income (% on BizAPIs license)

Information from all of your bank accounts centralized and updated

Account Info

  • Software Offer: ZERO Cost
  • Savings of up to 80% On Administrative Tasks for Online Banking Consultations
  • Automatic Extraction & Aggregation of Credits/Debits and Balances of Your Accounts/Banks

Checking Account Movements + Demand Deposits + Loans + Factoring + Pledged Current Account + Savings Account + Prepaid Cards + Time Deposits

European Commission
Banco de Portugal
Segurança Social
Data Collection

Challenge - Automation and Robotization of Financial Processes

Examples of business processes:

    • Credit applications
    • Digital onboarding
    • Risk analysis
    • Know Your Customer / Know Your Business (KYC/KYB)
        • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
        • Money Laundering Prevention (MLP)
        • Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

          These example processes, currently have information either requested from customers, requiring multiple interactions and compromising the user experience (UX), or obtained through manual effort which usually requires validation and registration (copy & paste) into internal systems.

          Due to manual action and a lack of available information, risk/benefit decisions are often made by sampling, instead of being able to apply rules in detail to all cases.

          Banks and other institutions undergoing increased automation and digital transformation need structured, actionable, detailed information, validated and quickly available in order to optimize their operations and services to customers!

          bizAPIs Scheme

          Solution - actionable information available in seconds

          BizAPIs is a software as a service (SaaS) that offers aggregated information from multiple sources (MJ, IRN, AT, SS, BdP, etc.) in seconds via API.

          BizAPIs thus allows you to directly integrate information into procedural flows, without the need for validation or manual interventions and with the guarantee of a reliable source of data that has not been tampered with.

          Automation allows you to apply automatic validation and business rules to 100% of your processes!
          Gain speed, security and optimized user experiences (internal or external).


          With the automation of processes that BizAPIs empowers, your customers benefit from:

          • Better user experience with your services
          • Reduction of steps and simplification of processes
          • Faster responses
          • Less need for documents/information sharing
          • Decreased dropouts

          With BizAPIs your institution will be able to:

          • Reduce cost per process
          • Increase quality (decreasing manual failures/errors)
          • Decrease fraud
          • Increase internal employee satisfaction
          • Decrease drop-offs
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          Available services

          Permanent Certificate of Commercial Registry

          Input: certificate code
          Return: Data + Proof PDF

          Model 3 IRS

          Input: NIF + Validation Code
          Return: PDF Document

          Proof of address

          Input: NIF Validation Code
          Return: PDF Document

          Model 3 IRS with data

          Input: NIF Access Code
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          Proof of address with data

          Input: NIF Access Code
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          Personal data + Household

          Input: NIF Access Code
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          IRS Settlement Note

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: NIF; date + document

          Proof of address

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Address + PDF document

          Declaration of non-debt to Finance

          Input: Validation Code
          Return: Address + PDF Document

          NIB/IBAN proof

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          Income receipt

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          Lease Agreements

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Information regarding lease contracts (by landlord number) and lease contracts (by tenant number), present on the finance website

          IES - Simplified Business Information

          Input: NIF Year of execution
          Return: Data (Annex A, Annex R) + Proof PDF

          IRC declaration

          Input: NIF Validation Code
          Return: PDF Document

          Auto Insurance

          Input: Enrollment
          Return: Insurer Policy Date

          CRC - Credit Liability

          Input: NIF AT Code
          Return: Data + Proof PDF

          RCBE - Central Registration of Effective Beneficiary

          Input: CMD NIF
          Return: Data + Proof PDF

          Professional situation

          Input: NISS Access code
          Return: Data


          Input: NISS Access Code or NIF Access Code
          Return: Data

          Permanent car certificate

          Input: Access code
          Return: PDF document

          Wedding certificate

          Input: Access code
          Return: PDF document

          Death certificate

          Input: Access code
          Return: PDF document

          Powers of attorney

          Input: Power of Attorney Code
          Return: Data (TIN Holder; NIF Attorney; Document date)

          Direct Social Security - Income

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Data

          AT - Urban Building Booklet

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          ADENE - Property Energy Certificate

          Input: Filter by: Address, District, Council, Matrix Article and, if horizontal property, Fraction. The Matrix Article is unique per District and Council; without these, it returns multiple records.
          Return: Data

          IMT Payment Proof

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          Proof of Payment Stamp Tax

          Input: User/Pwd
          Return: Data + PDF Document

          AT - List of Debtors

          Input: NIF
          Return: Data

          SS - List of Debtors

          Input: NIF
          Return: Data

          Citius - Executions

          Input: NIF
          Return: Data

          Name by NIF/NIPC

          Input: NIF/NIPC
          Return: Name

          Phone Number Analysis

          Input: Phone Number (with or without country code)
          Return: City, Country, Mobile Carrier, Syntax Check, Type

          International Postal Validation

          Input: Language, Country, [Parameters; Arguments]
          Return: Address Found unambiguously, address list created, no address determined; [Multiple fields].

          Geocoding Service

          Input: Services (Coordinates / Microm / KGSS); Language; Country; Arguments
          Return: Arguments (depend on service)

          Email Validation

          Input: email
          Return: Syntax, Domain & Mailbox check

          IBAN Validation

          Input: IBAN
          Return: Passes validation or not

          New services available in less than 24 hours!

          BizAPIs collects information from all online sources, thus providing an interoperability mechanism between institutions.

          In case the information is only available after authentication/authorization, the BizAPIs service can authenticate and then process multiple requests in batches, freeing your team from manual work.

          Examples of information sources:

          • Institute of Registries and Notaries, IP (IRN)
          • Social Security Institute, IP (ISS)
          • Tax and Customs Authority (AT)
          • Ministry of Justice (MJ)
          • Bank of Portugal (BdP)
          • Agency for Administrative Modernization, IP (AMA, iAP platform)
          • Electronic Republic Gazette (DRE)
          • National Press – Mint (INCM)
          • Central Registry of Beneficial Owners (RCBE)
          • Parliament
          • Financial entities
          • Town hall
          • Armed Forces, Portuguese Navy, etc.
          • Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF)
          • Other entities with an online presence and information (,, etc.)

          From these sources, information can be obtained from both individuals and companies:

          • IRS
          • IRC
          • Permanent Certificate of Commercial Registration (CPRC) / Certificates of Commercial Registration (CRC)
          • Personal data (dates of birth; nationality; type, number, expiration date and issuing entity of the identification document; Tax Identification Number (NIF); profession and employer; place of birth; etc.)
          • Tax data (name; object; address of registered office; Corporate Person Identification Number (NIPC); the identity of holders of shareholdings in the capital and holders of the management body/seniors; country of incorporation; Economic Activity Classification code (CAE), Final Effective Beneficiary (BEF); etc.)
          • Financial data from Simplified Business Information (IES)
          • Salary
          • Credit Responsibility Center (CRC)
          • Proof of address (full address of permanent residence and/or tax domicile)
          • Proof of non-debt
          • Income
          • Corporate acts
          • PSD2 data (openbanking)
          • Insurance company, start/end dates, policy
          • etc..

          In addition to information query services, BizAPIs also has the capability of transactional services available , for those automated processes that need to submit or send data to portals/extranets external to the institution!

          Who we are

          BizAPIs is a product of Infosistema, a technological innovation company with more than 25 years of experience focused on solutions for the financial market (Banks and Insurance Companies).

          BizAPIs was created to accelerate and enhance automation projects where, there is a need to obtain data from sources external to the organization, in a structured, fast, reliable and automated way.

          With BizAPIs, data from sources such as: Banks, Tax Authorities, Social Security, the Ministry of Justice, the Bank of Portugal, Finance, etc. are made available via API in seconds, allowing companies to optimize and automate processes.